Commitment to Service

About Us

Hob league has a vision to help new and old businesses to flourish in their work through providing them with elite assistance and support. We want to build an empire of smooth and profitable on going establishments. Hob league and its team aspire to spread their work and motive to even greater extent. We envision to connect businesses together, so that they can create great value. We have been serving many successful and profit-making firms. And we will help our client develop their business from scratch, from office setup to yield in the market. We serve our clients with comfort and proficiency.

Our Team

Hina Shah


Iqra Zahir

Vice President

Hina Zahir


Our CEO at HOB League provides us with inspired leadership company-wide. Make high-level decisions about policy and strategy. Develop and implement operational policies and a strategic plan. Act as the primary spokesperson for the company.
Hina Zahir has done her bachelors in information and communication technology. Did her post graduate diploma in human resource management. She had been serving her expertise as a Customer relationship management specialist, Business development specialist, and operational Head in the past across UAE.

Iqra Muhammad

Vice President

The Vice President at HOB League participates in the hiring and training of new team members. Coordinate with various teams and stakeholders as required. Lead status update meetings. Oversee all team operations, ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget. Manage budget and production agenda.
She has done her bachelors in social sciences and had been serving as social media specialist, content writer and operational manager in various successful firms across UAE.